Stop planning your trades, start trading your plans

Data-driven expectations

Backtest your trading strategies on historical price data to see how it would have performed.

Sticking to your plan

A common mistake in trading is a change of plans mid-trade. Build your plan and let the bot trade.

Removes emotion

Your trading performance can be negatively affected by emotions. Your bot has none.

Carefully designed to empower you to be in control

Expert tools at your fingertips

Backtesting on all pairs

Accurately backtest your strategies on historical price data to verify if your strategy performed well enough.

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Automatic coin selection

Automatically select coins with the highest volume, or coins that are performing best in the last 24 hours.

Read more about automatic coin selection

Tradingview webhook integration

Send Tradingview alerts to your strategy to trigger events in your bot, like buying, selling or DCAing

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50+ indicators

Completely build your strategy with your favorite indicators and configure their parameters just how you like them.

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DCA & Partial close

Add to a position based on the state of the position, or based on an indicator. Partially close a position to lock in profit or limit losses.

Multi path

One strategy can have as many buy & sell paths as you need. Different market conditions may need a slightly different strategy!

Long & short

With StalexBot, you can trade on the spot markets, but also long or short on the futures markets.

Manual interference

It is possible to manually influence your bot, by placing a stoploss, take profit or panic sell a position.

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