Q: What do I get during my 7 day free trial?

A: You receive the highest tier plan, meaning you can trade automatically on Binance SPOT and Binance Futures. There are no restrictions during this 7-day trial.

Q: Do I need any prior knowledge about trading to use StalexBot?

A: Having prior experience while greatly help you when configuring a bot and a strategy. However, it is not mandatory: there are premade strategies available.

Q: Do I have to leave my PC on to keep running a bot?

A: No. Every StalexBot runs 24/7 on its own private server to guarantee the best uptime and best performance. There's nothing you need to worry about.

Q: Are my funds safe with StalexBot?

A: StalexBot utilizes your exchange's API. This means StalexBot instructs the exchange to place orders. As long as your API key settings don't have withdrawal enabled, the money can in no way leave your account.

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