The importance of backtesting a crypto trading strategy

Backtesting can help you immediately realise if a strategy is worth running or not.

It helps you eliminate your biases and find out what indicators actually work well together and which don't. Often conclusions that come out of this are surprising, and it confirms how trading with a bias can be disastrous.

Run a backtest on a cached crypto to crypto pair

There are some cached pairs, which will be quick to load and therefore very fast to backtest on. It is smart to start with these, as you can quickly validate your strategy on these pairs.

Run a backtest on custom crypto to crypto pair

Decide your own backtest parameters: any crypto pair on the exchange, set a slippage optionally and choose your date range.

Backtests are simulated based on 1 minute candles, so real-time trading activity is simulated as much as possible in backtests.

Have a strategy in mind? Create, backtest & trade!

Start backtesting