Start building from a template or from scratch

The strategy builder is like building with LEGO: the opportunities are endless, but it's easier to get started with an example. You can start building from scratch, or pick a predefined template to start off with.

With over 50 indicators and more being added (even on request), StalexBot can execute and backtest your strategy with accuracy and speed.

Complex trading strategies visualized

No code is required to build even the most complex technical strategies. Only knowledge about technical indicators is required. Platforms such as Tradingview give you a good insight on how these indicators work.

Quickly prototype your own strategy and backtest it on historical data in minutes!

Our vision on building strategies

Trading strategies are not one dimensional. The market is ever changing, and we need to adapt our strategies to its conditions. Simply enabling some conditions for buying and some conditions for selling, will in almost no case be a profitable strategy in the long run. The only way to deliver sustainable returns, is by dynamically deciding which strategy to use in which market condition. In StalexBot, you are free to decide how you tackle this problem: technical indicators like RSI can help determine if a market is bullish or bearish. Based on the value of this indicator, you could enable one path or the other, essentially filtering to find the best strategy at this moment.

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